mCPod is an on-line database of photometric observations of magnetic chemically peculiar stars (hereafter mCP stars), the result of close cooperation of the following european institutes:

The goal of this extensive project is to collect all published data of photometric observations of mCP stars in optical and near infrared band.

Why mCPod?

The acronym mCPod (mCP observation database) was coined by Zdeněk Mikulášek in 2007 in order to simplify referring to our database in electronic and personal communication. The noticeable similarity to the name of the most popular MP3 player is not arbitrary. It is suggesting the fact that the database was created in order to make routine tasks enjoyable. It is supposed to be one of the tiny little things that give meaning to the astrophysicist's life.

How much data can one find in the database?

Nowadays mCPod contains 256,323 photometric measurements of 184 mCP stars. This number is growing up constantly as we are feeding the database with recent photometric data.

What services are available via mCPod interface?

You can obtain list of all data available for the specified star, as well as all related references. mCPod also generates instant lightcurve data plot figure in GIF and PS format respectively. In case if you can provide appropriate period and minimum timing you can get calculated phased light curve, as well as phased data plot.

Can I install mCPod into my iPod?

Not yet. The background image of this page is just a fiction. The mCPod itself needs MySQL and Apache server to run. However, in case of interest we can develope a pocket version of the database as an iPod Linux application.

How to contact mCPod developers?

Please, send any comments, suggestions and bug reports to any of the present authors and maintainters.